Andalus Gourmet bases its activity on promoting and marketing spanish products belonging to companies which want to launch their business in the Middle East. We act as an extension of the commercial area of these spanish companies and accompany them in their internationalization process. We make the implementation of the company in international markets through our first , market research, opportunity analysis, strategic sourcing plan of their products outside, facilitating logistics support and other services oriented to exportation.


Our experience in international markets helps us to identify right solutions in order to face new challenges.

Our main objective is to be the close advisor of local companies in their internationalization process and provide an analysis and assessment of their ability to export.

A tailored suit is what we provide according to the customer need and it helps companies to start up and consolidate its international position comprehensively.

We help companies at any stage of internationalization

  • marcador Company Analysis

- Insight Diagnostics Company
- Internationalization Plan

  • marcador Commercial establishment abroad

- Market research
- Direct Marketing
- Cost Analysis

  • marcador Support target market

- Logistical and administrative advice
- Customer Databases
- Review and analysis of project

  • marcador Loans and public Subsidy

- Advice on public entity programs


Trading promotion plans are designed for each company in order to target its audience and facilitate the exchange between producers and the customers.

Incentives for short / long term target customers / consumers to increase their purchase or consumption.

Andalus Gourmet offers different commercial actions adapted to your needs

  • Specific actions

marcador International exhibitions
marcador Local fairs
marcador Show Cooking
marcador Sales promotions
marcador Trade Mission

  • Permanent actions

marcador Trade representative
marcador Identification of opportunities


If that’s what you want, Andalus Gourmet knows how.

Commercial Representation based on contacting and visiting potential customers, trading opportunities, tracking receipts / payments, processed international documents, verifying and supporting different activities.

Andalus Gourmet acts as an international representative by facilitating and simplifying procedures and actions

    • marcador International documentation procedures

- Commercial documents
- Transport documents
- Documents insurance
- Legalization of documents

    • marcador Trade Cluster (Local/International)
    • marcador Trade Missions
    • marcador International Business Management
    • marcador Contact and visit commercial customers

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